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Timex Weekender with Olive Nylon Strap

Timex Weekender Watch Review

Model number: T2N651
Analog Quartz Watch
38mm Case Diameter
20mm Lug Width
Olive Nylon Slip-Thru Strap
Round Cream Dial
Full Arabic Numerals & 24-Hour Military Time
Polished Silver-Tone 38mm Case
Indiglo Light-Up Watch Dial
Water resistant to 30m (100ft)

Well Priced
Stylish Color Combination
Indiglo Luminescent Display

Overly Polished Case
Pin Holes, Strap Show Wear
Not Submersible in Water

Timex Weekender Lume Shot

Timex Weekender Lume Shot

The Timex Weekender T2N651 with olive-colored nylon strap is designed for someone with classic style that is looking for an inexpensive, but stylish, quartz watch with an interchangeable strap. Even though you can’t go swimming with it on your wrist, it’s still worth the price. You can order a set of NATO-style straps and just replace the original once its pin holes look worn. The Indiglo lume really sells it because other watches at this price point are no good in the dark.

This is the type of watch you wear with denim and rolled-up sleeves. Its design is military-themed, with a highly legible 24-hour display. The red seconds hand perfectly balances out the coloring of this watch against the neutral, cream-colored dial. The shine on the polished case is the only thing that detracts from this model’s overall style. A matted case with a similar silver tone would make it look twice as expensive.

After almost a year of wearing it about once a week, the only signs of age are the loose threads on the pin holes and at the end of the strap. It ticks a little loudly, but you can’t really hear it unless you hold the watch close to your ear. Overall, it’s accurate and stylish enough to look like it’s worth more that you bought it for.

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