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About The New Miamian

The personal blog of Miami writer Bob Gramatges

Writing is the closest thing to time travel we can experience in our daily lives. Once you put words on a paper or computer screen, they’re there forever if you want them to be. The Writing section of this blog represents the work that I have chosen to keep for posterity. It includes works of nonfiction and short fiction, novels and poetry.

I’ve always been interested in art, but I never thought I could be an artist. I thought that unless you were Van Gogh or Picasso you shouldn’t even bother. But part of growing up is realizing your own limiting beliefs. The idea that I had to be an amazing artist in order to pursue my interest in art was one of them. The Art section of this blog features my oil paintings and digital photo collage work.

The New Miamian (photo: Luca Bravo)

I was originally introduced to Adobe Creative Suite in my marketing career and learning its programs awakened the design side of my brain. I’ve created logos and textiles for clients and contests. I have also designed products to sell at local street fairs. The content of the Design section features select pieces from my design portfolio that hold personal meaning.

As an introvert, I have spent much of my free time over the past few years exploring my passions rather than being social. I have come to enjoy restoring vintage furniture pieces, cooking, volunteering and collecting wristwatches. I created the Living section of this blog to explore these interests.

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Bob Gramatges is a first generation Cuban-American writer living in Miami Beach, Florida. After receiving a degree in Marketing from Florida International University, he developed a creative career in content marketing, branding and digital publishing. When he’s at home, he enjoys cooking, watching Netflix and spending time with his dog, Milo, and his plants.

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