Any Other Way But Together Novel

Any Other Way But Together is contemporary novel set in Miami. Its twelve chapters take place during one day in every month from autumn 2016 through summer 2017. Current events are injected into the plot, creating a window into the present that will become a scrapbook of memories for the future. Modern technology is also woven into the storytelling, with plot lines hinged upon text messages and social media.

This novel is as much a representation of the spirit of main characters as it is a snapshot of the world they are living in. Under the green canopies that cover the suburbs, far from the bright lights and bottle service, we find the heart of Miami and the beginning of our story.


A timely portrait of American life in the tropics, Any Other Way But Together follows identical twin sisters Esthie and Isobel Egret through the last year of their twenties. Set in contemporary Miami, an adult playground where it always feels like summer, the drama centers around the relationships between the Egret Twins, their family and the men they love.

The story zooms into the intimate moments of their everyday life as they navigate through the twilight of their twenties. Connectivity has changed the way we form relationships in the Internet age, but it remains to be seen whether this change is for the better. In a generation of digital flower crowns and unconventional dye jobs, it’s often difficult to tell the difference between reality and fantasy. For Esthie and Isobel, life in the Magic City is about to force them to decide where their daydreams end and their everyday lives begin.



Chapter 1: The Tuesday After Labor Day
Part 1: Mercury in Retrograde
Part 2: Two More Bites
Part 3: Spreadsheets in Bed
Part 4: Take Care of Skimbleshanks For Me

Chapter 2: All Hallows’ Eve
Part 1: Costumes
Part 2: You Know Me and Halloween
Part 3: No Rose Emojis
Part 4: Skimbleshanks’ Understudy

Chapter 3: Thanksgiving
Part 1: I Never Thought I’d Be Calling in Zika
Part 2: Croquetas and Cafecito on Calle Ocho
Part 3: Thanksgiving Meal Delivery
Part 4: A Feast on Scraps

Chapter 4: New Year’s Eve
Part 1: The City Beautiful 
Part 2: Don’t Call Him Mr. President Tonight 
Part 3: The Countdown
Part 4: Fireworks

Chapter 5: January 21, 2017
Part 1: Keep Your Mittens Off My Kitten