Digital Photo Collage

Peace of Butter: Miami Marine Stadium by GRAMSTINE Art

Peace of Butter: Miami Marine Stadium by GRAMSTINE Art

GRAMSTINE Art is a collaboration between artists Gramatges Jordan and Dale Stine. In 2011, the pair developed a working relationship shooting photography spreads for a South Florida publication. The following year, they teamed up for their first artistic endeavor: Faces of Young Pride: Pridelines for Peace, a portrait series that benefitted Pridelines, a local non-profit organization.

After the success of the portrait series, they decided to embark on a more ambitious photo collage project, MIAMI/2801.

In 2013, they canvassed Wynwood, Miami Beach and Miami Marine Stadium with cameras and lighting equipment to take a snapshot of Miami beyond the bright lights of luxury hotels and high rises seen by most who visit the city.

For this photo collage series, the artists combined two photos digitally superimposed upon one another, then meticulously adjusted in opacity, color, tone and texture to create a new image that incorporated elements of both original photos.

Rich in historical and artistic significance, these images juxtapose exterior architectural shots with natural landscapes to deconstruct the image of Miami that was presented to the world by tourists and businesses through the media one year after the end of the 13th Bakā€™tun of the Mayan calendar.

The artists are currently in production for their forthcoming photo collage series set in South Beach, Florida.

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