Furniture Restoration

My experience with restoring vintage furniture pieces began in 2013 when my parents sold our family home. They had four bedrooms full of furniture and were moving into a condominium, so most of it had to go. I kept many of the pieces that found a place in my heart and used them to decorate my apartment in South Beach, but there was still loads of furniture left to deal with.

Luckily, my brother’s warehouse was only a couple miles form the house, so I moved a few pieces there while I decided what to do with them. The desk in the photo below¬†was one of those pieces. It was originally stained with a cherry finish with simple black knobs and pulls. In one of my first furniture experiments, I stained it with a darker walnut finish and added nautical knobs and pulls. I sold it on a local consignment group and there began my journey into furniture restoration.

After that experience, I continued to experiment with pieces, visiting vintage shops and second hand stores to look for pieces with good bones that could use a face lift. The pieces below I found in shops from Wynwood to West Miami. All of them have sold, but I welcome commission requests whenever I have time on the weekend to dedicate to them. It is one of my many passions and I love the idea of taking what someone else deemed as trash and turning it into treasure.

Vintage Desk with Nautical Nautical Hardware and Walnut Finish

Vintage Desk with Nautical Nautical Hardware and Walnut Finish

Vintage Turquoise and White Shabby Chic Dresser

Vintage Egyptian Blue Art Deco Dresser

Vintage White Sewing Machine

Art Deco Nightstand

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