How to Fight Climate Change Using Social Media

I’m sick of hearing grim statistics about the oceans dying and biodiversity declining without doing anything about it. I figure social media is a good place to start since it won’t cost me much. Plus, I can reach more people there than I can anywhere else.

What Can I Actually Do to Help Protect the Planet?

Watching documentaries and hearing news reports about the effects of climate change can be disheartening. The oceans are becoming less and less hospitable to life. Sea levels are rising. We’re already experiencing super storms and record temperatures. 

As a Miami Beach resident, climate change is more than just a scientific theory to me. It’s a call to action. Most of this city will be underwater soon without a dramatic change in how we live our lives. Like most Miamians, I don’t want the city that holds all of my memories to be washed away with the rising tides.  

Mother Nature gave birth to the City of Miami and we owe it to her to pay it forward.

But what can I actually do to fight climate change? Being upset about the Paris Climate Agreement isn’t enough. The 2018 elections are still months away. What can I do now to help save Miami from being lost forever?

The CLEO Institute: Miami’s Only Climate Change Non-Profit

The mission of The CLEO Institute is climate change education, information and advocacy. It’s the only 501(c)(3) in Miami that is focused solely on climate change. Caroline Lewis, the organization’s Founder and Executive Director, introduces us to The CLEO Institute’s work in the short video embedded above. 

We all have our own reasons to care about the planet. For me, it’s to protect the beauty and the bounty of nature. The Industrial Revolution has allowed us to advance as a civilization, but it has also had an adverse effect on the environment. This needs to be addressed by our elected officials and business leaders.

I don’t want the coral reefs I saw when I went snorkeling as a kid to disappear forever. I want to be able to buy a home in Miami without worrying about its value plummeting or flood insurance costs rising. I want to live a sustainable life in Miami and have something to hand down to the next generation. 

My Social Media Initiative to Fight Climate Change in Miami

I decided to put up or shut up after watching The CLEO Institute’s YouTube video. Since it’s January and most people are paying off holiday debt, I came up with a social media initiative to help support the organization this month.

I just donated $25 (the cost of my average takeout order) to The CLEO Institute. It’s not much, but it’s an amount that most people can afford, even after the holidays. I’ve asked my friends on social media to match my donation.  And if money is tight, I’ve asked them to be generous with social media shares and likes. This is another form of currency that can be just as valuable to the mission of the organization.

The CLEO institute’s social media accounts are linked below. Please take a moment to like and share their content with anyone that wants to fight climate change in Miami and beyond!

Follow The CLEO Institute on Social Media

Thank you for liking and sharing! Click here to match my $25 donation to The CLEO Institute!

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