In The Wild Wild West

In The Wild Wild West (photo: Jaime Cooper)

In The Wild Wild West (photo: Jaime Cooper)

leaning against the wall
in a dark corner of the bar
your black cowboy hat
conceals all but your full lips
stealing sips of your beer
when you think nobody’s looking.

i can’t turn away from you long enough
to see anyone else
through the cigarette smoke

i wonder what your lips would feel like
pressed against mine
while we tear each other’s clothes off
in the bed of your pickup truck outside
letting our bodies bathe freely
in the cool moonlight.

you approach the bartender
signal him for another beer
and your distance
gives me the feeling
that you don’t even know I’m here.

my eyes wander south
to your tight denim jeans
wrapped around
your big muscular thighs
down to your worn leather boots
planted firmly on the dirty floor
of this dark local dive.

i want to rub my face
all over your hairy body
and find out what your armpits smell like
before you squeeze me so tightly
with your massive outstretched arms
that i can’t feel where my body ends
and yours begins.

i want to lay you down
with your hat on my head
while you look up at the sky
with your hands on my hips
moving to the rhythm of the night.

but before long
you’re back in your corner of the bar
and i’ve convinced myself
that this will never be.

you’re nothing more than a fantasy
i’ll take with me
out of this bar and into my bed
where we can be together
in my dreams of riding a cowboy
in the wild wild west.


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