Inside the Prison of Your Perception

abusing and bullying
the figure i see
in the reflection
before me
has caused my true spirit
to retreat from
the image i share
with society.

by changing who i am
to please people
i’ve lost any sense
of what life could be
quietly carrying out
my sentence
inside the prison
of your perception.

guarded from
the honest misconceptions
and ugly projections
of others
with misplaced emotions,
i had accepted my confinement
into one dimension.

dealing with this
prison mentality
has taken its toll on me,
but by defeating
chronic negativity
in my search
for joy
and good company,
i will persevere
through new challenges
and paint you
a more accurate picture.

because i’m ready
to open my heart
and reveal to the world
the true version
of me
refusing to be
anything but me,
a person
you have yet to meet.


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