As a homebody with a low tolerance for social situations, I spend most of my free time working on individual passion projects. Cooking and decorating were a part of my upbringing and I enjoy continuing those traditions in my adult life. Community service was also a big part of my formation and my interest in wristwatches came about through my professional career.

Furniture Restoration 
There are so many furniture pieces in thrift stores that just need a coat of paint to bring them back to life. I love using my hands to beautify interior spaces with old-world charm and Furniture Restoration allows me to do so.

My marketing career has exposed me to the world of horology and I have since developed a personal affinity for Wristwatches. My current collection is small, but I have my eye on a few timepieces that I hope to make part of my personal collection in the coming years.

Living (photo: Todd Quackenbush)

Miamian Cuisine
Cooking is an important cultural tradition that is also an element of human survival. I come from a long line of excellent home cooks, so I cherish the recipes that have been handed down to me by my mom and grandmother. I’ve also come across dishes that have become some of my favorite Miamian Cuisine.

My interest in social justice made it logical for me to spend time volunteering for nonprofits since college. My volunteer experiences have enriched my life and expanded my worldview. All of my plans for the future involve Philanthropy and I’m excited to continue to make an impact in my local community.