Locked Up With All Your Memories of Us

Locked Up With All Your Memories of Us (photo: Everton Vila)

Locked Up With All Your Memories of Us (photo: Everton Vila)

i understand you’re upset with me
for leaving nothing but this note
and my engagement ring
on our nightstand this morning,
but i don’t have to justify anything.

your need to play the victim
kept you from telling me the truth,
a manipulation of my perception
i am no longer willing to overlook.

i refuse to let your shortcomings
get in the way of my happiness.
and you wouldn’t either
if you really loved me.

maybe my subconscious desire
to break free
from the restrictions
i had placed on me
to make you happy
led me to him.

i kept so much inside
to keep your inflamed ego intact
that there was nothing left of me to fight for
in the love that could have been
something greater than you and me.

but that will never be
because i’ve found someone else
who not only loves me
but sees me and hears me
when i tell him what i need.

and even though you give me no reason to,
i want you to be happy, too.

i hope you’ll understand that one day
when you discover this note again
buried in a box in the back of your closet
locked up with all of your memories of us.


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