Miamian Poetry

I wrote my first poems in the pages of my personal journals, trying to escape my thoughts through confronting them. Poetry is paradoxical in that way. It’s the meeting point between what your soul needs to purge and what another person’s soul is willing to receive.

Learning how to write poetry is learning how to edit to perfection. Like compressing carbon until it turns into a beautiful diamond, it requires both finesse and forcefulness. As much as I would love to dedicate my life to writing poetry, the amount of energy and experience required to write a poem isn’t something I can access on a daily basis.

The poems below represent my most personal thoughts, dreams, disappointments and aspirations. They were written anytime between the late 1990s to today in Miami, Florida, usually in my bed under the light of the computer screen. Their subjects, meter and length vary and most were written without any intention of being published. I welcome you to explore them here.

Poetry by Bob Gramatges (photo: Maher El Aridi)

Poetry by Bob Gramatges (photo: Maher El Aridi)

Not Knowing What You Don’t Know (2017)

You Will Always Have a Piece of my Heart (2016)

Teens Hurt, Express Rage (2014)

Wishing for Wings (2010)

Legions of Little Lights (2004)

In the Wild Wild West (2010)

An Emphasis on Birthdays (2016)

Poems by Bob Gramatges (photo: Jeff Fielitz)

Poems by Bob Gramatges (photo: Jeff Fielitz)

The New Miamian (2015)

What Becomes of Civilization (2015)

Is It Because I’m Blue? (2004)

During This Aquamarine Twilight (2005)

As Would Only Be Just (2014)

For a Thousand Years to Come (2014)

Inside the Prison of Your Perception (2015)

Poetry (photo: Thomas Tucker)

Poetry (photo: Thomas Tucker)

Through Eternity (2004)

Locked Up With All Your Memories of Us (2014)

Weighed Down By What-Ifs (2017)

The Most Artful of Adults (2014)

For a Love Junkie Like Me (2009)

The Hands of Time (2015)

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