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Writing nonfiction requires a confrontation with reality that isn’t always desirable. While fiction allows me to escape my everyday life, sharing my views on the world is sobering and daunting at times.

We live in a time when escapism is more commonplace than self-reflection. Advances in technology have given us the option to amplify our inner thoughts or drown them out completely. I find myself constantly teetering back and forth between immersion and avoidance.

I began writing nonfiction in college and have always gone back to it. After coming to the realization that I will always be a writer,even if I choose not to write for periods of time, I decided to put it all in one place. The works below represent my present and my past. In the future I hope to share my words in the pages of The Miami Herald, Vogue and The New Yorker.

Works of Nonfiction by Bob Gramatges (photo: Markus Spiske)

Works of Nonfiction by Bob Gramatges (photo: Markus Spiske)

16 Signs You Might Be Super Miami (2017)

How to Outlast, Outwit and Outplay Cable News (2017)

Questions About Becoming an Independent Artist in Miami (2015)

Wynwood and the Paradox of Popularity (2012)

Fiona Apple is Wiser Than the Singers on the Radio… (2012)

For Immediate Release: Bob Gramatges is a Writer Again (2012)

Nonfiction (photo: Vadim Sherbakov)

Goodbye Gay Bar, Hello Grindr? (2011)

Use Your Words, New York Times (2010)

Ken Mehlman Backlash: When Elitism Replaces Empathy in the LGBT Community (2010)

Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Pop Proclivity (2003)

Well-crafted Ignorance Examines Exile (2003)

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