Not Knowing What You Don’t Know

when you
don’t know
what you
don’t know,
it’s easier
to go about
your day.

you can say
what you
wanna say
without worrying about
the consequences.

what is there
to worry about?

you only know
what you know,
and nothing else matters
to you
because you think
you know everything.

and that’s why
you feel like
you can go
through life
acting the way
you do.

for us,
you don’t
live your life
in a vacuum.

so, when you act
out of
your own idiocy,
the consequences
of your actions
go beyond
what you know.

your ignorance
is dangerous
in its weaponization.

after all,
there’s no need
to take responsibility
for your actions
when you can
play dumb
(even if only
in your own head).

your biggest
is that you
don’t know
what you
don’t know,
so you
can’t figure out
what you
need to learn.

your hubris
stunted your
intellectual development
during your youth,
and now
we’re all suffering
the consequences
while you’re
living in oblivion.

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