All three of the novels below are the result of persistent daydreams. My fiction work is character-driven and some characters ended up sticking with me for longer than their original stories.

Any Other Way But Together (a contemporary serialized novel)
While West of Collins Avenue represents the past, Any Other Way But Together represents the present. Set in contemporary Miami, this serialized work of realistic fiction peeks inside the everyday lives of twin sisters Esthie and Isobel Egret during the last year of their twenties. The drama centers around the struggles Millennials face while trying to figure out their futures in the midst of cultural deconstruction and technical innovation.

West of Collins Avenue (a novel set in Miami in the year 2015)
Such is the case for West of Collins Avenue, the first novel I outlined and drafted in my mid-twenties. It centers around the lives of twenty-seven year old first generation Cuban-Americans that graduated from Catholic prep schools in Miami. The characters explore sexuality, relationships and family while trying to figure out what direction their adult lives will take them, and with whom.

Parker Owen GMT (international adventure series set in the year 2020)
Writing about wristwatches for a living inspired Parker Owen GMT, a daydream turned international adventure series about a watch with other-worldly complications. My obsession with time travel and exploring the world were the inspiration for the story of a timepiece that takes Parker Owen on an magical adventure in the not-too-distant future.

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