Parker Owen GMT

The year is 2020 and Parker Owen has just left a high paying position at a virtual reality company in Silicon Valley to enjoy an early retirement in a stilt house in Key Largo, Florida. His only living relative is his grandfather, who lives in Switzerland and works for one of the largest watchmakers in the world. Parker hears from his grandfather twice a year, receiving handwritten cards from him during the holidays and for his birthday.

His quaint white house sits on the bay overlooking green mangroves and a wooden dock where his small flats boat rocks back and forth with the current. His fortieth birthday is approaching and instead of receiving a card this year, he receives a small parcel from his grandfather. He’s never received anything more than a check inside of a card in the past, so he is curious to read the note that came with the small package.

“He whose name is inscribed on the dial of this timepiece shall inherit the power of its complications. The wearer of this wristwatch becomes its worldly guardian, a responsibility that now falls onto you, my dear grandson. Your loving grandfather, Randall Owen.”

The message feels cryptic to Parker, who can barely remember what his grandfather looks like. “What’s with all the love, old man?” he wonders as he opens the small oak box hidden beneath a sea of white packing peanuts.

He finds a custom rose gold watch with a world map etched on its navy dial and GMT complication. The ceramic 24-hour bezel is tinted an iridescent blue and the case is made of rose gold and, like its rose gold bracelet, it is engraved with a floral motif. There is an aperture just above 6 o’clock that displays latitude and longitude and a small diamond indicating the corresponding coordinates on the world map, currently set to his home coordinates.

Parker places the watch on his wrist and is surprised to find that it fits perfectly and displays the correct time. “Nice,” he says to himself as he serves himself some Bahamian rum and walks toward the dock to watch the sun set. The sky is bathed in red light and he can think of no better place to enjoy it than on the hammock. Admiring his new watch more than the sunset, turns the bezel to Swiss time to see if it’s too late to thank his grandfather for the gesture over the phone.

Suddenly, with every millimeter the bezel moves, Parker is taken back in time with it, retracing his steps back to the moment when he first put on the watch. He now stands inside the house again, with his rum yet to be poured and the setting sun in the same position it was in before he walked outside. He doesn’t want to believe what’s happening, so he turns the bezel in the opposite direction. Just like that, he is now back on the hammock with the ice melting in his lowball glass and the sun dipping under the horizon.

“What the…”

Parker Owen GMT is an international adventure series set in the not too distant future. Find out what happens when Parker realizes the full potential of his wristwatch and travels the world to solve the mystery behind its new and potentially dangerous technology.