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Prologue | Any Other Way But Together

On the Sunday morning after her twenty-ninth birthday celebration, Esthie Egret is in a beauty supply store in South Beach looking for a bottle of lavender colored hair dye. After teaching a yoga class and spending a few minutes on the sand, she can’t shake the panic that set in when she realized that she would be turning thirty in less than a year. Feeling a strong desire to shake things up in her life, she decided to begin with her hair color.

Her identical twin sister, Isobel, is married with two young children and living in the suburbs while Esthie can’t get her boyfriend of fours years to commit to more than sharing a cat and an apartment with her. She loves her life with Dominick, but they’ve never really talked about starting a family. She’s been anxious to start that conversation, but she feels like initiating a conversation about having kids would be premature considering that they’ve barely even talked about marriage.

When her sister gave birth to her first child, Esthie realized that what was once her nuclear family had become her extended family. Isobel is now a mother of two under five and in her new role as Aunt Esthie, the more independent Egret sister has suddenly started to think about what her own family will look like. She doesn’t want to rush into starting one, but the perfectly choreographed birthday dinner her sister hosted for their almost-thirtieth birthday made Esthie think about motherhood more and more with the each candle that was added to her cake.

What she decides to do at any given moment can dictate what the next decade of her life will look like. Esthie has this paralyzing fear that life is going to fly by before she’s able to make any of her dreams come true. She and her sister always dreamed of raising their children together and she feels like this is the moment to decide whether or not to give up on that dream to pursue another one. At the moment, the only thing Esthie feels she can hold on to is the bottle of lavender hair dye in her hands.

Chapter 1: The Tuesday After Labor Day


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