How I Came Up With The Serpentine Queen Textile Design

In the spring of 2015, I entered a scarf design contest hosted by The theme was ‘Wild Kingdom’ and the first place winner would take home $500. By that time I had developed graphic design skills working for print and web, but had never ventured into textile design.

Serpentine Queen Textile Design

Serpentine Queen Textile Design

The cash prize provided enough motivation for me to spend a few extra hours at work that week coming up with a scarf design for the competition. When I heard ‘Wild kingdom’ I immediately thought of a crown and a cobra. I spent a lot of time sketching and trying different color schemes, ultimately deciding upon the Serpentine Queen print shown above.

My vision was always to juxtapose the fluid, coiled body of a snake with monarchal iconography and floral elements. At first, my design featured pastel colors – the competition was held in the spring, but I would later find out that the scarf design was for their fall scarf line.

Serpentine Queen Notebook Set sold through Etsy

Serpentine Queen Notebook Set sold through Etsy

Once I knew that I had to redo the textile to incorporate fall colors, I decided to spend more time on the flowers. Other than that, the pattern remained relatively unchanged. I didn’t go on to win the competition, but I printed the pattern onto leatherette cover stock and used it as a cover for notebooks and sketchbooks that I sold through my Etsy Shop and at Miami Flea later that year.

In the future, I would love to use this textile design for apparel – perhaps on the pocket or sleeve of a t-shirt or as a scarf as it was originally meant to be used. I can also see it lining the inside of a blazer or as a pocket square.

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