Short Fiction

Writing fiction is an empowering form of escapism. Even though most of my works of fiction are set in reality (or a surrealist representation of reality) I find freedom in being able to determine who the characters are and what happens to them.

What I have done with short fiction over the years is revelatory of who I am more so than my works of nonfiction. I never thought they would see the light of day, so my characters are far more liberated than I would be with my identity. That liberation also exposes aspects of my personal evolution that can be embarrassing, but without them my story would be incomplete.

Short Fiction (photo: John Moore)

I Literally Turned Into a Mermaid With Dragonfly Wings (2017)

Cynthia Smith and Her Boys (2017)

With Love and Style, Stella (2009)

Breakup Sex on the Beach (2009)

Dr. Rosenthal’s Office (2009)

photo by Poetry Mallory Johndrow

Short Fiction (photo: Mallory Johndrow)

Humanitarian of the Year (2008)

Mendiola Delivers Another Platinum Bomb (2008)

Walks of Life (2007)

Anything But Beautiful (2007)

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