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Vintage Turquoise and White Shabby Chic Dresser

Photo of Vintage Turquoise and White Shabby Chic Dresser (2015)

Vintage Turquoise and White Shabby Chic Dresser (2015)

In 2015 I decided to apply my painting skills to restoring vintage furniture pieces that I found at various second hand vintage furniture shops. The dresser shown in the photo I found at a Salvation Army store on Bird Road in West Miami. In the before picture below you can see that it was originally green and tan with classical motifs on the drawers and doors. It also came with a couple of mirrors attached to the back which I removed before painting.

After removing the hardware, which I kept in original condition, I painted the white trim on the panels and doors. My original idea was to use painter’s tape to cover the white and add the turquoise over it, but the trim was so thin that it seemed like more work to tape it up than to just be really careful when I got close to the trim. I spent the better part of a day filling in the turquoise around the trim with a small paintbrush, then went over the larger areas with a 2 inch¬†brush.

Vintage Shabby Chic Dresser Before Picture

The new color story was inspired by the movie Marie Antoinette directed by Sofia Coppola. I found a beautiful turquoise chalk paint at the local hardware store that matched the light cream color of the trim perfectly. I was going to paint the hardware white, but when I tested them against the new paint job, I felt that they added a nice rustic element to the piece.

I advertised this piece on Craigslist and it sold within a couple days to a lovely couple that truly appreciated the time I spent hand painting it. The only difficulty I experienced was having it delivered. They lived in a townhouse with a very narrow staircase, so it was a challenge to finally get the piece into their bedroom, but they seemed happy with it and I was happy that it found a wonderful home.

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