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You Will Always Have a Piece of My Heart

You Will Always Have a Piece of My Heart Poem (photo: Rolando Oliveira)

You Will Always Have a Piece of My Heart Poem (photo: Rolando Oliveira)

it was a sunday morning when we met.
the beach was tranquil, with sunlight sparkling
over the waves that washed the night away.

our hangovers cured by warm embraces
and passionate kisses that turned into
texts and dinners with decadent deserts.

communicating more with our bodies
than our words, exploring each other’s touch
and falling asleep in each other’s arms.

i miss snuggling up to your warm body
and telling you about my day while we
sat in the candlelight after your shift.

i still crave the way i felt with your legs
wrapped around me, your fingers running through
my hair, your lips gently grazing my neck.

i was close to falling in love with you.
i was happy when we were together
and a part of me will always want you.

but i couldn’t let you into my heart,
into the place that you deserved to be
cause my feelings for you terrified me.

and even though my life is lovely and
i’m ready to let someone in, i know
that i don’t deserve your heart anymore.

i just hope that you find these words one day
and realize that they are meant for you.
you will always have a piece of my heart
and i’ll always regret that sunday night.

An Emphasis on Birthdays (photo: NASA)

An Emphasis on Birthdays

they hold firm to their
belief in a creator
of the beings that are
visible and measurable
to them in time and space.

they rationalize that they
couldn’t have come from nothing,
but they couldn’t have come
from something, either.

their creator cannot be a thing
because by their definition,
a thing must exist in time and space.

and their creator must exist
outside of the measurable universe
because to them, to be measured
is to be something.

these beings will never really know
anything about their creation
with any certainty.

only that they were created
at a certain point in time and space.

perhaps this is why they place
such an emphasis on birthdays.