Telling the time on an analog watch may seem old hat to some, with the advent of smartwatches and other electronic devices in recent years. The art and engineering that goes into creating mechanical wristwatches dates back hundreds of years and gives us a glimpse into the artisanal and mechanical innovations of the classical world.

My appreciation for the art of watchmaking came as the result of research I conducted in my marketing career. When I first started to look through the collections of the major watch companies from around the world, I was overwhelmed with all of the details and tech information.

After a while, I began to connect the dots and now I can say that the technical information is just as interesting as the aesthetic of the watches. This interest even inspired a work of fiction, Parker Owen GMT, an international adventure series set in the year 2020 featuring a watch with other-worldly complications.

My watch collection is currently in its infancy, with only a Timex Weekender and an old G-Shock, but I have my eye on a few timepieces that I hope to be able to purchase in the not too distant future.

Timex Weekender Lume Shot

Timex Weekender Lume Shot

Timex Weekender

TUDOR Black Bay Bronze

Rolex Explorer I

Rose Gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak