Telling stories is something that comes naturally to me. It’s a combination of observation, analysis and self-expression, with room for imagination. Storytelling transcends time and place, creating a record of who we are for future generations.

Short Fiction
I started writing as a teenager and have tried to keep as much of my work as possible. My first writing was in the form of Short Fiction. I remember my first story, a fable about a box turtle who lost his mother to the ‘black river’ which was actually a city street.

My writing as a young adult became more sophisticated. When I was in college I would outline epic telenovelas during Business Statistics and edit short stories during Consumer Behavior. Some of those stories ended up inspiring Novels. I spent my mid-twenties and early thirties drafting them and recently started a serialized novel set in contemporary Miami.

The feedback I received from my ENC1102 teacher at FIU inspired me to write for the Beacon, the student newspaper. I wrote music and book reviews mostly, but by the end of my time as a staff writer I developed humor pieces about Miami life. My professional life after college allowed me to write Nonfiction for local publications with a focus on political and social topics.

Poetry is the only form of writing that came into my life without intention. It was just something I started to do, probably out of spiritual necessity. I started writing Poetry to escape the world and it has ultimately informed the way I approach the world.